Welcome to the Who Goes There website, which will only make perfect sense if perused alongside the book (out: 25 October 2008). Who Goes There finds me pottering around England and Wales, seeking locations used in classic stories from both old and new Doctor Who. These are the photographs from those trips. As a taster of how the site works, here's a tiny snippet from the manuscript, from Trip 14: Aldbourne, Wiltshire - where Jon Pertwee battled a living gargoyle and, worse, Morris dancers, in 1972's The Daemons. Pic 14.15 is the 15th photograph on page 14 here...

The route takes us along Crooked Corner – the road’s real name, not one invented for The Daemons, though it seems perfectly apposite – where the white witch, Miss Hawthorne, played by the fabulously named Damaris Hayman, narrowly averted having the local, possessed copper clocking her on bonce with a boulder.

  Were it not for the general need to renew window frames, so all those at number 3, outside which the action took place, look pristine, and the presence of a gleaming Audi outside the property, it all looks pretty much the same. This is definitely the place.

  I’ve been unlucky with my weather. In Dungeness, when I needed snow, it was gloriously hot; and here, where I could have done with a disconcerting squall, it is merely overcast and lightly breezy.

  Not to worry. This remains a moment that deserves capturing, so I suggest Dylan poses as Miss Hawthorne and demonstrate the character’s spell-casting pose, as she called upon pagan gods (or somesuch) to calm Satan’s winds. I’m not sure I got it right, because he looks more like he’s auditioning for The Sound of Music in the picture (pic 14.15). At least the essence of the moment is there.

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